From a humble beginning in the basement of a Massachusetts home in 1962, to a current day multi platform print facility in Nashua, New Hampshire, Colormark Label is a name consistent with commitment and family value – and has been since day one.

The Colormark legacy began when Bob Marsh, Sr., made the decision to bring to fruition his dream of establishing and developing a printing business. This small family business, with its makeshift printing plant, grew into a highly respected nationwide corporation. Commitment to customer service is, and always was, the hallmark of Colormark’s success.

In the early days, Bob Sr. would deliver his custom-made labels, day or night, upon request of the customer. Bob, Jr., at the age of two, remembers driving into the city with his dad in their 1962 green Chevrolet sedan, at 10:00 PM, (for an order placed the previous day). However, rather than the customary “loading dock”, shipments were deposited in the back seat of Joe Pellegrino’s car. This prompt curbside service enabled this customer to retrieve the label shipment from his car and head into work at the Produce Center by 3:00 AM. While delivery methods have changed, Colormark maintains that same level of commitment in service to their customers.

Bob Jr., CEO, and President of Colormark, developed an extensive knowledge of label operations in his youth. At age 15, he officially started working in the business – learning the ropes from his dad. As the process of label production grew more sophisticated, Bob learned how to run different processes and applications, from a simple honey jar label to a complex label for Untitled-2a national brand.

The company quickly outgrew their basement digs and set up shop in Concord, Massachusetts, where they prospered and continued to grow.

In the 1980’s, Bob’s brother, Jack, joined the ranks, and assumed the role of Vice President and General Manager of Colormark Label. Jack, a perfectionist, blessed with a keen eye for detail, scrupulously examines all work before shipment to assure superior quality and workmanship.

Now located in Nashua, NH, Colormark brings over 50 years of experience, supplying quality labels to the most demanding of customers. Whether it’s a single roll, or a million, every customer receives the same high quality care, respect, and professionalism.



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